By Dr. Tamara Markova
Keeping Culture Alive in a Remote/Hybrid Workplace
When forced to transition to a remote work in spring 2020, the attitude most companies adopted was to keep working the same way until things get back to "normal". It is becoming more and more clear, however, that we will never get back to that "normal" which involved predominantly office-centric workplaces. Learn about the novel approaches companies need to develop to keeping their culture alive in a remote/hybrid environment.
By Dr. Janna Gottwald-Stridbeck
The Psychology of Dealing with Toxic Cultures
Leaving a toxic workplace is not always possible. How to spot a toxic culture and what to do about it? Learn what the science of psychology tells us about dealing with toxic workplace environments, when leaving is not an option.
By Dr. Tamara Markova
Becoming an Organizational Culture Professional
As the gap between our ability to manage culture and it's immense importance is growing, there is a need to stop defining culture as "just an HR thing". Learn about the core competencies of an Organizational Culture professional and why culture is a career on its own.
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