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Keeping Culture Alive in a Remote/Hybrid Environment
When companies were forced to transition to a remote/hybrid work in spring 2020, the attitude most people adopted was to keep working the same way until things get back to "normal". It is becoming more and more clear, however, that we will never get back to that "normal" which involved predominantly office-centric workplaces. Companies and their employees need to develop novel approaches to keeping their culture alive in a remote/hybrid environment.
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If "more meetings" is not the answer, then what it?

  • Learn what most companies did wrong when transitioning to a remote office

  • Discover the 3 culture killers in a remote office

  • Understand how to turn killers into opportunities

  • Explore the practical tips to become a better colleague and leader in a remote environment
About Our Speaker
Dr. Tamara Markova
Dr. Tamara Markova is an educational entrepreneur, business leader and a passionate advocate for “better” organisations: human-centric, positive and purposeful.

Tamara holds a PhD in Business & Economics (specialisation: Organisational Behaviour) and an MBA with Culture & Strategy major. She has spent over 10 years in various corporate roles in Strategy, M&A, Culture and is still active as a non-executive Board of Directors Member.

Tamara also is the founder and lecturer at Amsterdam Strategy and Culture School, where she promotes positive organisational transformation through culture.
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