Leader's guide to culture:
culture course for team leaders

Learn to build an effective, high-performance team by working at the level of culture

Become a certified culture-trained leader

Master most practical, hands on and valid tools from science and industry

Learn with PhD instructor lecturing at highest-ranked universities

Helping team leaders create and manage Culture
5 hrs
5 hrs
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The course is for you if:
You are team leader or senior manager with a direct or matrix responsibility for teams
You are responsible for leaders development in your company (e.g. part of HR function)
You are a (future) consultant looking to work with team and increase their effectiveness
You are looking for practical, hands on and validated tools on how to create a culture that supports your growth ambitions
You want to make a difference through the start-up you create, not just be profitable
Course Description
This short course is our intensive and efficient culture guide for team leaders
This program is an abridged version of our Organisational Culture: Professional Certification Program. It is a selection of most essential knowledge relevant for senior managers and team leaders who intend to become better at culture.
Each module includes a video lecture that was developed using a multi-disciplinary approach drawing on organisational psychology, organisational behaviour, management and leadership studies.
This course equips you will the most valid tools needed to positively transform the team culture to increase team's effectiveness. It is short and adaptable to the business realities of your company.
This course puts you (the leader) in the central role culture facilitation and gives the needed support tools to instantly improve the way your team works and plays together.
You will learn to use the most effective tools to drive performance improvement through culture change and will be able to add the elements of "great culture" to your team.
Money-back guarantee!
On completion of this course, you will walk away with
A solid understanding of what determines and impacts team's culture
Practical skills in creating a team culture that leads to increased team effectiveness and positive organisational outcomes
The clarity on leadership skills required for the leaders "good at culture"
Upon successful completion of all course activities, participants are awarded with an official Certificate of Completion, which they can easily showcase on their LinkedIn profile.
Dr. Tamara Markova
Your Instructor
PhD | MBA| Business Leader | Lecturer | Founder ASCS
Dr. Tamara Markova is the founder of Amsterdam Strategy and Culture School, as well as the co-creator and instructor of the Leader's Guide to Culture course. She holds a PhD in Business & Economics and an MBA with Culture and Strategy major.
Tamara worked in various corporate Strategy, M&A and Culture roles and is currently a Board of Directors Member at several organizations.
Lectured Organizational Culture graduate and executive education programs at several Dutch universities (UvA, VU).
Certified Workhuman professional, certified Happiness at Work practitioner and certified Emotional Intelligence coach.
Course Curriculum
  • 1
    Module 1: Why culture matters?
    Culture matters, but how? What culture has to do with Organisational Effectiveness? What organisational outcomes are impacted by culture? How culture drives positive change?
  • 2
    Module 2: What is culture?
    Culture is not the office perks or flexible policies. What are the visible and invisible elements of culture, and why unconscious processes are the true origin of culture?
  • 3
    Module 3: Who has impact on culture?
    What is the link between Organisational Life Cycle and the type of leaders that have impact on culture? How leader's role differs per stage?
  • 4
    Module 4: How to build and transmit culture?
    How the stages of group evolution help us understand culture origination and transmission?
  • 5
    Module 5: How to become "good at culture"?
    What types of individuals are most likely to emerge and be effective as a (culture) leader? Which personality traits, behaviors and values are typical of great culture leaders?
  • 6
    Module 6: Great vs. Toxic Culture
    What are the ingredients of a "great culture" and should be added to your team's culture? Which are typical of "toxic cultures" and should be avoided at all costs?
  • 7
    Module 7: The "How" of Culture Change
    What practical steps can you take to start creating a better culture in your teams? Actionable advice and process description.
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