Amsterdam Strategy and Culture School


Professional Certification Program
Our flagship program for those who want to become an organizational culture professional
We believe the world needs better organisations
We believe it’s not all about the money. The world needs more purposeful and more human-centric organizations where people love to work. Organizations where people stay longer for other reasons than money. Organizations that make the world a better place, either through products/services or social role and purposeful culture.
Helping leaders create “great” organizations through culture
is our contribution to the greater good and future generations coming into the workplace.
ASCS is a business school focused on Organizational Strategy and Culture
Strategy and Organizational Culture are the most important tools a leader has to create and change successful organisations of the future.
ASCS is excited to equip the culture professionals of today with tools needed to positively transform the organisations of tomorrow.
Throughout our courses, we are working to develop a new generation of organisations and leaders driven by purpose, in pursuit of a better world.
Would you like to become our lecturer?
If you hold a PhD degree and are passionate about the field of Organizational Culture please pitch your course to us! We will be happy to connect and investigate collaboration opportunities.
Offering world-class education through lecturers teaching at top-ranked national universities
Ensuring scientifically-validated approach through lecturers holding a PhD degree in relevant fields
Guaranteeing practical relevance by relying on vast industry expertise of our lecturers
Learning methods
Effective, engaging and flexible modules that can be completed around your schedule
Instructional design methods based on psychology, cognitive science and the latest adult learning approaches
A perfect balance of theory and practical knowledge to ensure high-quality education
Earn a professional certificate in Organizational culture
Showcase your achievement on LinkedIn or CV
Advance in career by demonstrating education in Organizational Culture
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